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Accorti Accountants & Advisors are accountants for lawyers helping with finance solutions that help businesses grow. Whether you run a large law firm, or you’re a small business looking to get started or grow, we can help.

Our accountants for lawyers have physical locations in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Sydney. We also offer online accounting services for lawyers Australia-wide. To get started, or to learn more, contact us online or call our friendly team to book a free consultation.

  • Experience with businesses in the legal industry
  • Comprehensive accounting and financial advisory services
  • Industry-aligned strategies to help strengthen your position and grow
  • Services to help streamline operations and save time
  • Nationwide services and flexible meeting arrangements

Our Services Accounting for Lawyers

Our services are structured to align with a wide range of industries and demands like those in the legal industry. We cover a wide range of solutions including tax planning and compliance, handling of client trust accounts, cash flow projections, and advice on firm structuring. Whether you’re a solo practitioner just starting out or part of a bustling law firm, we have the expertise to support you. Furthermore, we provide seasoned advisory services, assisting you in making informed choices about firm expansions, financing, and managing your legal assets.

We understand the importance of realistic and actionable advice. We commit ourselves to understanding the intricacies of your legal practice, collaborating closely with you to navigate hurdles and seize beneficial opportunities.

Choosing our team of accountants for lawyers means choosing a relationship with experts who have an understanding of the legal sector, professional experience, and a dedication to aiding you in your business’s prosperity. Whether you’re based on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, Sydney, or anywhere across Australia, Accorti is ready and thoroughly equipped to guide you through accounting for lawyers.

Why Choose Our Accounting for Lawyers


Tax and Compliance

Accorti's team of legal accountants provides strategic tax planning and assists with compliance matters unique to the legal profession, including client trust accounts management. We ensure you leverage all potential tax benefits while complying with the law, making tax season straightforward and hassle-free.

Firm Structuring and Risk Management

Our experts advise on optimal firm structuring for asset protection and tax efficiency. We harmonise your advocacy spirit with meticulous risk management, ensuring that you can ardently champion your clients' rights, confident in your firm's financial robustness.

Cash Flow Projections and Financial Scrutiny

Utilising our deep understanding of the legal sector, we craft detailed cash flow projections and financial analyses. This intelligence empowers you to make well-informed firm decisions, bolstering your prospects for sustained success in your legal practice.

Comprehensive Advisory Services

Beyond traditional accounting, our advisory services furnish insights into aspects like firm expansion, financial strategies, and practice management. This guidance ensures you're always informed and ready to capitalise on emerging opportunities with conviction.

Advice Rooted in Experience

As seasoned professionals ourselves, our advice is anchored in genuine, hands-on experience. We’re not just about the numbers; we grasp the trials and prospects unique to the legal field, allowing us to craft tailored strategies for your triumph.

Local Knowledge and Collaboration

Our connections within the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sydney legal communities distinguish us from other legal accountants. Our expansive network stands ready to bolster your firm's growth. Partnering with Accorti means joining a consortium of experts ardently dedicated to your success.

When you work with us, you don’t just get the Accorti team. We also open up our network of referral partners, including legal, financiers, and insurance providers. We operate these professional relationships on a ‘no referral fee’ basis so you can be confident in their independent advice. Contact us today to see if we can help with your accounting.

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