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Creative Industry Accounting

Our accountants for creatives are here to guide you through your financial landscape, fueling the growth of your artistic endeavours, and helping you achieve your goals. Whether you’re a start-up artist seeking guidance on financial structuring, or an established creative agency aiming for expansion, we’re here to assist you.

Based in Brisbane, Sydney, and the Gold Coast, and offering services Australia-wide, we provide a comprehensive array of accounting services specifically designed for the unique needs of the creative industry. From freelance designers and writers to film producers and small art studios, our expertise is tailored to support the financial health and growth of your creative business.

  • Accounting experience in the creative industry
  • Comprehensive services & financial management
  • Approaches fit for your industry
  • Time-saving and streamlining your operations
  • We provide accounting for creative agencies nationwide

How Our Creatives Accountants Can Help

As a creative professional, your focus should be on your creations, be it in design, writing, music, or any other artistic or commercial endeavour. Managing the financial aspects of your creative business, however, can be less intuitive and often distracting. This is where Accorti steps in – to help you balance your creative passion with financial experience.

As experienced accountants for the creative industry, we are deeply familiar with the financial challenges and opportunities unique to this sector. Whether you’re a freelance artist, a small design studio, or a growing media company, we understand your financial landscape and collaborate with you to maximise your profitability and streamline your creative process.

Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of creatives, encompassing everything from cost analysis for projects, tax planning and compliance tailored to the creative sector, maximising benefits from intellectual property rights, cash flow forecasting to manage irregular incomes, and strategic business structuring advice. Additionally, we provide advisory services, aiding you in making informed decisions about scaling your creative work, securing funding, and managing your resources.

As fellow business owners, we grasp the importance of practical, real-world advice. That’s why we take the time to thoroughly understand your creative endeavours and goals, working collaboratively with you to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

Choosing Accorti means partnering with a team of accountants who bring extensive knowledge of the creative industry, professional insights, and a commitment to supporting your creative journey. If you’re in the Gold Coast or Brisbane area, or beyond, Accorti is prepared and fully equipped to guide you through the intricacies of accounting in the creative industry.

Why Choose Our Accountants for Creatives


Industry-specific Tax and Compliance Expertise

Accorti's team of accountants for creatives provides strategic tax planning and assists with compliance matters, uniquely relevant to the creative sector such as intellectual property rights, royalty tax considerations, and GST on creative services and products. We ensure you maximise all potential tax benefits pertinent to creatives, simplifying tax complexities.

Business Structuring and Risk Management

Our experts offer comprehensive advice on business structuring, crucial for freelancers, artists, designers, and other creative professionals. We balance your creative aspirations with sound risk management, ensuring your financial health is robust as your creative footprint expands.

Financial Management for Irregular Incomes

At Accorti, we understand the fluctuating nature of income in the creative industry. We provide precise financial management and planning, turning unpredictability into a manageable, strategic advantage for your creative pursuits.

Insightful Advisory Services

Our advisory services deliver critical insights into funding options for creative projects, monetizing your art, and managing your financial resources. This ensures you're always equipped to embrace new creative opportunities.

Experience-based Business Advice

We offer advice that’s grounded in real-world experience. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the creative industry, providing practical solutions to enhance your artistic and financial success.

Local Expertise and Partnerships

Our strong connections within the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sydney communities extend to the creative industry. We are more than just accountants; we're your trusted partners, ready to leverage our network to benefit your creative endeavours. Working with Accorti means joining a community of professionals committed to nurturing and growing your creative agency.

When you work with us, you don’t just get the Accorti team. We also open up our network of referral partners, including lawyers, financiers, and insurance providers. We operate these professional relationships on a ‘no referral fee’ basis so you can be confident in their independent advice. Contact us today to see if we can help with your creative business accounting

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