Forecasting cash flow

Forecasting Cash Flow

Cash Flow Forecasting for Small Business

Need to get a grip on your cash flow? We’ll help you tailor your accounting set-up and cash flow forecasting tools to reveal your future cash position. #cashflow #forecasting #SmallBusiness #SmallBiz #SMB #finance #accounting

Why you need to forecast your cash flow

Your business lifeblood is cash flow. With managing cash flow, prevention of cash flow issues is a lot easier than attempting to fix cash flow issues after the event.

Balancing the income (inflow of cash) against the expenditure (outflow of cash) results in a positive cash flow. If you are on top of this, the business will have the required liquid cash to cover the liabilities.

Forecasting the cash flow

By using the cash data from periods prior and then projecting it forward, forecasting will give you a crystal ball to reveal the cash flow health of the future.

By producing cash flow detailed forecasts, it is possible to:

  • Understand the operational cash flow into the future – this will help in identifying the projected drops in income, or seasonal dips, and gives you the early warning needed so that you can take action.
  • Effectively plan the costs and expenditures – work to strict budgets, look at managing cost and reigning in those expenses – to reduce future outflows.
  • Avoiding cash flow issues before they occur – have the information needed to take clear action, plan ahead, and stay in control of the cash status.

Talk to Accorti Accountants to set up cash flow forecasts for your business

Get a firm grip on your business cash flow, we will help you tailor the accounting set-up and can provide the forecasting cash flow tools needed to show the future cash position of your business.

If you are located on the Gold Coast or Brisbane or surrounding areas Contact Us at Accorti Accountants +Advisors  and let’s start forecasting.


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